Saturday, 24 January 2015

Yum Cha 101

Another stray away from the usual cafe lunch scene is a trip to Chinatown for some authentic yum cha with a group of friends.
Yum cha is just one of those things you just need to try (a food adventure and catch up all in one!) so hopefully I can tempt you to book a date soon!

I recently went to The Marigold in Haymarket Chinatown to rekindle my love for yum cha with some snaps to share of my fav dishes (and also the newbies I've discovered!).
Lightly fried steamed rice rolls with satay sauce
This was new to me, not my cup of tea as much as I tried.
Siew Mai (p. seeeew my)
The pork mince is stuffed in wonton sheet is my #2

When we could, yum cha was our every-now-and-then Sunday brunch treat (we began on the baby high chair) to wind down with the family, sipping on our bubble milk teas that we bought on the same street! But with a group of friends you feel more adventurous and dare to try more strange dishes.

Seafood Spring rolls
They come with any filling, you just have to
Not my go-to dish since mum makes
 the best ones at home :)
Banh Cuon (viet title)
We always request these steamed rice  rolls/cake
with prawn. These can also come with
BBQ pork :O Served with Vietnamese
fish sauce is delish!

I always appreciate a friend who knows how to order their yum cha! It's been great for broadening my yum cha experience!

Your classic steamed pork bun - enough said
These egg tarts are always too much on the eggy side
for my liking but they're so popular

Some other dishes that went too fast I couldn't take a picture of were the Prawn Dumpling and Deep Fried Taro Puffs!
Deep fried taro puffs with duck filling
A bit strange when you bite and see purple (taro)
but nice anyways!

Ha Cao (prawn dumplings)
My #1 go-to yum cha dish

Equally as important as the dishes are the condiment sauces! Its best to eat with the sauce served specially with the dish but don't be afraid to add a little dollop of chilli sauce to be really authentic!

Mango pancakes are the best way to finish yum cha!
The pancake is filled with light Creme and chopped mango!
The mangoes are always the just right - sweet, never sour like the supermarkets!

I definitely left the restaurant in a good mood!
If you're feeling a little empty right now, chances are you're missing a little yum cha in your life!



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