Monday, 26 January 2015

A Noob's Guide to Green Juices

I must confess, I'm that kid that likes green juices whilst their compatriots alternatively choose the classic choices ie. apple, orange, pineapple etc.

But hey, its so good for you! Its like an effective toilet cleaner in a cup, helping you flush out your system and replenish essential vitamins and nutrients and supports you immune system. Once you get over the taste of "pure healthiness," all this becomes a habit that will benefit you in the long term and not to mention, your skin, eyes, nails, hair and everything else will thank you for it.

I decided to make a noob's guide to green juices so you don't have to go straight in and dump a whole ginger farm into your blender. The essentials include; ice (to keep your drink nice and chilled), blender, coconut water and spinach. As a general rule, I consider one handful of spinach a good serving for one person. 

Juice #1

So my first recipe is "The Gateway Juice"- its delish and you'll be encouraged to be more adventurous! You can't taste anything bitter or "off" because its jam-packed with fruit. 

- 1/2 a banana
- handful of spinach
- 1/2 a cup of frozen raspberries
- 1/2 an apple
- 1/2 a cup of ice
- 3/4 of a cup of coconut water

Juice #2

"The Classic Greenie"- this is what you would find at a typical cafe or breakfast house. 

- stalk of celery
- 3/4 of a cup of pineapple
- as much ginger as you can handle
- handful of spinach 
- 1/2 a cup of ice
-3/4 of a cup of coconut water

Of course finish off with a colourful straw or paper umbrella and a piece of fruit hanging precariously on the edge. 

I'll definitely be updating this post frequently when I find more recipes



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