Monday, 12 January 2015

Grounds of Alexandria Date

This is most probably the billionth blog post raving about the Grounds of Alexandria located in Alexandria Sydney on 7A/2 Huntley Street. I’ve even read that this is one of the most instagramed places in Australia so I’ll admit it now -I did do a foodgram and it doesn’t even do justice to how delicious and lovely the dish was!!!

So the love story goes something like this....
Despite the overcast day, my girlfriend and I still made the journey (my first visit) to the Grounds with an empty stomach ready for some feel-good food. We actually had an outfit planned the night before (don’t judge) because 1. Alexandria being in the inner city is full of hipster, stylish people and 2. We were going to head into the city afterwards to check out the new Sephora store and for a little Chrissy shopping!

I know what you’re thinking, cut the talk and show the pictures which I totally agree! So instead of boring you with my attempts at describing how lovely the whole place was, just enjoy the pictures (cause I know we all skip the text for the photos)!
Note: I did refrain from taking too many photos because that was waaay too mainstream there :D

This was the sink for the bathroom, as if
this isn't so country old fashioned I love it!

A little florist on site with displays just
spilling onto the walkway - so lovely!

The courtyard lies beyond with a fountain
where the little kids play

Yes they have a small animal farm and yes
Kevin Bacon is the resident pig :P

Guess who!

There are a few choices for eating at the Grounds, you can choose to dine in the restaurant-style cafe or buy from the little kiosk and enjoy your munchies at the courtyard. Service was so lovely at the restaurant-cafe we ate at (including tres good looking waiters). You get a little buzzer like at the bistro that will buzz when your table (no need to reserve) is ready for you = keep exploring instead of waiting in a queue! Peerfect!

The menu was organised into Breakfast – small and substantial (til 11:30am),Brunch and Lunch (both from 12pm)! They were quite strict (in a kind/reasonable not “you die” kind of way - don’t worry) with the times so sadly one could not order a lunch at 11:30am L

But we did spend a good 10 mins having a long think about what to order because man that was a tough decision! Too many delicious choices!!! We had a look the other tables on the way in to see what dishes looked yummiest – which was all of them!!

My friend's "Petuna Salmon" order for brunch = MEH!!

Oh Lordy - behold the "Healthy Plate"
It definitely packed a punch for the sweet tooth too! I mean check out
that little shot cup of green juice! How do you say no?

Along the main walkway there’s a wagon selling fresh fruits and homemade lemonade in yellow, pink and peachy colours! We also saw a donut wagon but it wasn't in business at the time!

Now let me put my two cents worth here – that Grounds Granola (as it was called) was actually the substance of my wildest dreams. You tip in the mini milk jug and that’s when the party at the taste buds began. It was your ordinary breakfast transformed into a breakfast of the Gods. Despite the name Healthy Plate and the appearance of assorted fruit and the granola – it was definitely filling!

So what are you waiting for, book a brunch/lunch date with your girlies or mum/grandma on your next free day. Boys take the special women of your life (girlfriends, mums and grandmas) to impress! The place is literally a little archaic, rustic world of its own in the midst of the city and my friends have been raving about this place since forever. We used to fantasize the time when we would finally make the visit (how else do you get through boring uni - you think of your food tours of course)!!!

This is just one of those places you hear so much about and need to see for yourself! There's something for everyone!
Go on a little adventure this weekend!