Saturday, 10 January 2015


Hey you! 

Welcome to the first post of what hopefully will turn out to be a long-term project between my sister and I. We were both inspired by many Sydney blogs floating about the internet and mutually thought that perhaps, instead of killing time and regretting it during university semesters, it was a due time that we make our own. 

Considering we are both notorious for halting a good lunch to take photos for Instagram it was only inevitable that we make something more from this... though it may be possible that we're using this as an excuse to keep starving our friends and family for just that second longer for the optimum pic.

Nevertheless, I have always personally envied the "well-cultured" folk who sprout cafe recommendations that prove legitimate when I finally try these hidden gems. So if you're like me, you'll hopefully find this space useful to check out every now and then! I also hope that my "voice" that you are figuratively listening to inside your head as you read this, is not as annoying as it is in reality. So here it is. It will be a pleasure for me to keep you updated on the latest food crazes in Sydney as it is to be sharing some parts of my own life with you. 

In addition, my sister and I will be posting recipes, fashion, make-up (you know the generic stuff.. but also) book recommendations and reviews, and many of our adventures. 

This is definitely has no intended commercial destination just a place where we can share our experiences and hopefully inspire others to also be a tourist in their own city! We'll make this promise now and say that we will strive to post quality content over quantity for you in the future! (Though there is no doubt the content will come frequently!) 

Soon enough I think you'll be able to recognise the writer through their writing tone (ie. dry humour, sarcasm, vocab etc)