Monday, 26 January 2015

It's a markets-kind-of-weekend

Ideally, Michelle and I would spend every Saturday at the markets, satisfying our never-ending desire for clothing, shoes, knick-knacks, bargains, cakes, sweets and ... samosas (they have very good samosas at Glebe).
I really can't imagine my life without having discovered the Glebe and Rozelle Markets (Sunday Market) some years ago. Usually the "I need new clothes" meltdown at home mid week evolves subsequently into a "LET'S GO TO THE MARKETS!!!" weekend trip! Otherwise it's a spontaneous decision on any given Saturday.

Speaking of attire, wear something comfy (preferably vintage to blend in with the locals)- especially shoes because you'll do a lot of walking.

A flowy Ladaka dress with Bonds Bralette and comfy vintage boots did the job last Sat- Michelle

Rule #1
See something you like? Grab and hold it straight away and then proceed thought process of whether to buy. Thus you can avoid wistfully watching someone else snag your bargain!

Over the years, you see and hear more tourists fitting these markets into their sight seeing agenda. My only problem is that there'll be more people to fight for clothing over :P

There's always live music to enjoy while you walk around, rummaging through clothing racks and while you lounge on the grass and eat your goodies from the food stalls. There are some great local acts and one damn amazing girl one time -  just as a reminder that many children are more talented than you...

There are plenty of cake, bread and sweet stalls where you can sample a little of what they offer. I always find myself looking at these Portuguese tarts every time I pass the junction of the stalls! My favourite is the Paleo food stall where they sell so many varieties of granola its like I died and went to heaven!

You'll encounter some eccentric characters along your trip like the resident gypsie and many special things that make you smile all dependent on the Saturday that you happen to rock up.

Nevertheless there is usually something like a artisan nitrogen ice-cream pop-up store.

Rule #2
Bring home the HAUL and lay them all out so you can admire from a 1m distance.

I cannot recommend a better way to pass the time this weekend! Summer is in full swing and it's always a scorcher so pack your sunnies and a trusty hat and be prepared to come home with lots and lots of bags!

You'll find it at Glebe Public School on Glebe Point Road, a short walk from Parramatta Road :)