Sunday, 11 January 2015

Vegetarian Cous Cous Summer Salad

This is such a simple, fresh and healthy idea for lunch especially if your on the go. It takes about 10 mins (depending on your culinary chef skillz) and the best thing about it, is that it stores really well- that is you can take it along to school, uni or work and it will still be crispy to bite and not so soggy.

Warning: this salad has mango in it. Yes, Mango! At first I was always skeptical about fruit in salad (of course with the exception of tomatoe, cucumber and what have you...) but the sweetness of the fruit compliments the tang of tomates and the overall texture of the Cous Cous and lettuce.

Ok enough dawdling here's the recipe:

For a single serve you'll need:

- A handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered

- About two table spoons of cous cous grain

- Half a cup of diced mango

- A few lettuce leaves roughly chopped

- Three table spoons of beansssssss

- Two table spoons of corn

- Quarter of a red onion, diced

- A lil' bit of pasley, roughly chopped

- drizzle of olive oil

**optional: cashews, mint, balsamic vinegar, tuna, chicken

1. Prepare cous cous grain according to the box or packet. Usually the ratio of cous cous to hot water is 1:1.5 (you can add broth powder here for added taste). I use a mug and chuck everything inside and place an inverted plate on it. Set aside for later.

2.  Put everything else into a bowl, mix thoroughly

3. The cous cous should be softer by now- if not you can put it in the microwave at high for max 15 secs. Give the cous cous a good mix in the mug and tip it into the bowl, mixing again.

4. I definitely recommend crushing some cashews for a bit of crunch and the mint and balsamic is optional, as is tuna and chicken for my meat appreciating folk out there.


5. Take a pic and insta it with the hashtag #thesydneysideup for me to seeeeeee!

6. Now you may eat it!

I hope you enjoy it, it's not very original but it's delish- which counts the most I think. Also let me know how fast you can make this in the comments below!