Monday, 12 January 2015

Dezerts @ Brighton le Sands

Situated at 373 Bay Street, the main strip of Brighton le Sands lies a reputable cafe with a name that would strike curiosity within those few that appreciate the art of word play in this day and age. Yes DeZerts got my attention not only as a means of completing my quest for air-conditioning on this particularly hot day.

Nothing particularly "hipster" about this joint but with its clean and simple interior and (unfortunately inactive) chocolate fountain I was more than willing to return to the mainstream. But truthfully they have a wonderful menu for lunch including their extensive choices of crepes, waffles and ice-cream- that and your usual cafe essentials like the $18 Fresh tuna quinoa salad w/ roast pumpkin, olives, feta, and lemon vinaigrette that Mimi ordered. I ordered an $18 Turkey, grilled chicken, mushroom and cheese crepe- which I must warn you, is extremely cheesy (like pooling on your plate, cheesy) and very filling. I would say you could share this between two, that is to say the proportions are generous.

I was very excited at the plentiful refreshments menu with its healthy green and freshly squeezed classic juices. I opted for a $7 iced-coffee and Mimi a $7 Green juice. Most drinks come in rustic milk bottles and mason jars if you were wondering.

Also its vegan friendly so these members of society may for once enjoy an equally satisfying experience! (Shout out to my vegan friends- "Keep doing you!" xoxo)

Overall the dining experience was nice and the staff were very friendly, although it was pricey ($$)- it helps to keep in mind that it is in an exclusive location- the food was wholesome and delicious. Definitely worth a try and if you ordered crepes- I recommend a brisk walk down to the beach and a subsequent fitness regime for a minimum of 2 weeks.