Monday, 26 January 2015

Magnums at Westfield

We already have the problem of choosing which magnum to get from the ice cream vault at the beach or supermarket but making your own magnum is a new level CRISIS.

If you feel like ice cream on the paddle pop unlike your Gelatissimo, Copenhagen or Baskin and Robbins or if you're just a chocoholic like everyone else, than a visit to the Pop Up Magnum is just what you need. CRISIS almost averted.

Don't worry - Not all for me
Maybe your magnum reflects your personality?
Tray included because a mess is inevitable!

My friends said mine was more photogenic but hey lets not discriminate Magnums!
I had a dark choc shell topped with some rose petals, pistachios, hazelnuts and dried
strawberries! ($8)

We went to the one in Sydney Westfield which is sadly gone now (as of October last year) but its still worth a mention to get you excited next time its in town!

You choose the "base", chocolate shell and toppings and watch it all come together before you - it looks like an art form! It was so hard to choose which 3-4 toppings to bedazzle your magnum, this was the real CRISIS.

How do you say no? Or more like "How do I take the first bite?" But needless to say,  I was feeling pretty sick and very full one magnum later  and probably couldn't even look at one for another 6 months. That's probably just me but I still thoroughly enjoyed the first few bites!

Definitely keep an eye and ear out for whispers on the winds of the next pop up store!