Sunday, 22 March 2015

'Just Oat It' *swoosh*

Newest obsession I guarantee you if:
1. You are an oats fan
2. You like the fresh fruity PUNCH in the mornings
3. You like to eat out of mason jars (Ofc who doesn't)
4. You want to desperately cut out those morning bacon and cheese rolls because you don't have time to make brekkie!

If you haven't guessed already I am talking about the mysterious overnight oats which I have to say is so easy and so yum that I slap myself for not discovering these months ago! After many dark hours on Pinterest, trial and errors and giving the recipe my own spin I've finally found the recipe for me (and hopefully for you too!)


What the flippins are overnight oats?! Well, think your average plain porridge oats softened by soaking in milk + yogurt overnight only NOT PLAIN when in the morning (like Cinderella out of the pumpkin carriage but in daylight) when you top with nuts, fruits, syrup and granola! A dash of chia seeds to up that Calcium? Too easy! It's not porridge - it's better! Who wants a scolded tongue in the middle of Summer anyways?!

From now on you can never use the 'I have no time in the morning' excuse! I never want to see a bakery good in your hand ever again unless it's a croissant and you're in Paris...

STEP ONE: Your base BASS!
1/4 C rolled oats
1 1/2 t Chia Seeds
1/4 C milk
1/4 C Greek yoghurt
1 t honey

- mix all into a mason jar (or any container of a 1 Cup size) 

STEP TWO: Choose your fruits!
Here are a few inspired ideas for you but really - 'anything goes' :P

Mango Vanilla
1/4 C chopped mango + 1 t vanilla essence

Peanut Banana (don't be phased by the peanut!)
1 T peanut butter + 1/2 banana sliced

Very Berry
1/4 C strawberries sliced, raspberries

Apple Cinnamon
1 t cinnamon + 1 apple chopped

- mix your desired choice through the oats mix

STEP THREE: wake up and go topping crazy!

1. top with either the same or a different sliced fruit
2. Generously sprinkle over some granola or clusters for that CRUNCH!
3. Drizzle some honey if you like and HELLO HEAVEN IN A JAR! 'Nice to meet you, I'm hungry!'


Mine's mixed through with Mango + Raspberry
with Banana, Mango + Carmen's Vanilla Clusters!
These overnight oats save my life when I have 8am uni starts!
So enjoy busy bees!!