Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Festival Virgin: Splendour Bender Edition

New milestone in life – I am a festival virgin no more! Leading up to Splendour I was almost talking myself out about the long travel, the packing and rainy weather – also, I’ll admit, the camping (I am not of the same substance as Bear Grylls).

For all you gal readers out there (and maybe guys too) who are imploding with both excitement and anxiousness about the festival experience, here’s to you! 

The tips are a guide only and I haven’t been to near as many festivals to be that knowledgeable so I’m coming from more of a “I survived” category.


Wise Words
1. Festivals are known for their immaculate toileting facilities (said no one ever so pack the sanitiser/wipes)
2. Stay hydrated with the H2O – you don’t want to lose that mosh spot because you or your friend just had to faint...
3. Check the weather – not the “Iphone weather”, I swear by the Bureau of Meterology lol

For Happy Festival Times:
Mini Bag – for the essential phone, cash, ID etc
Sunnies + Hat
Empty water bottle – security will make you pour it out even though it doesn’t smell like vodka


For Happy Camping (most are self-explanatory and in no order):
Hiking mat – you get a sore enough back standing in the mosh etc for each line up
Comb – the “I woke up like this” look doesn’t always go your way here)Thermal Sleeping Bag
Torch – you don’t want to trip over someone’s tent peg (awkward)
Hand Wipes + Sanitiser
Serviettes/Toilet roll
Spare dry socks – nothings more worse or colder than wet feet!
Plastic Bags – for washing and other things you don’t want to worry about until you get home
Resealable Bag – for keeping matches and instant coffee dry
Tent – lol why not
Shampoos/conditioner/soap/other toiletries
Raincoat + gumbooties
Deodorant – even though you showered you’ll still smell like a festival in no time!
Make up + mirror – brows, mascara, eyeliners are the bare essentials!

Do you want to do festivals right? Of course you do now proceed to drooling over pictures of festival goddesses Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella Vic Secret squad (goals much) and fashion mags.
Clothing stores also awaken from their slumber of seasonal pieces (even in Winter) and deck out some festival inspo. Also... embrace the GLITTER!

So here’s to the first (and not the last) festival – unless you live for festivals, I salute you.