Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ella Thompson EP Janus Launch @ Newtown Social Club // Adventures

Last night we had the pleasure of attending Ella Thompson's first show courtesy of The Venue Collective, playing all the songs of new EP Janus and opened by Okenyo. With a distinctly lyrical wisdom threaded within haunting melodies and very down to earth demeanor the 2 hours felt like agonisingly less.

Her debut record Janus takes from a Roman god of opposites, which is richly enthused in the dark brooding melancholy and the euphoric nature of her live performance- perhaps complacent otherwise.

Having heard very little of Thompson's sound, me and a couple of friends had an enjoyable night engaging within her domain and amongst a swaying audience enthralled by her pitch spectrum.

What I loved was her witty antidotes "never give your number away" and her obvious surrender to her sound as she swayed almost hypnotically to the bass, hands twirling majestically under a moody light casing deep shadows on the talented drum and bass/everything players.

The gracious artist and her playful indie-electro genre was up with the big guns at Splendour over the week along side Mark Ronson. Much to come from Thompson, you haven't heard it hear first.