Monday, 9 March 2015

Suzy Spoon's Vego-fy Revolution

It may be hard to guess from my brunch choices but "I ain't no vego"! But in fact vegetarian choices at cafes and restaurants intrigue me to the point that I would choose it over the meaty menu counterparts (what can I say I'm pretty risk-ay and up for anything).

Hence like a loyal friend of a vego, I was happy to pay a visit to Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher because:

1. Looking at the menu brochure and seeing tempeh, seitan and "facon" made me very curious.
2. I would not hear the end of it from my friend about any other cafe.
3. It's another excuse to come to eat at Newtown.
4. I kinda wanted to meet Suzy and have a nice vego to vego-appreciator chat

Suzy's is on King Street (number 22-24 to be exact) but the countless time I've caught a bus down King I swear I have never EVER seen it! Turns out its a little farther from the restaurant hub of Thai Pothong I'm used to.

We came in on a weekday at 11 for brunch and we were the only customers for a little which kinda surprised me. At Suzy's you order at the counter and while we waited  we had a look at their extensive range of take home vego goodies including homemade tomato sauce ($10.50), sausage varieties ($12) and Vienna Style Schnitzels ($14). We also strolled over for a look at Suzy's own cookbook nearby the counter and it sure made going part vegetarian tempting! The interior is very clean and kinda minimalistic-semi-rustic, not adhering to a certain theme like other cafes but there was this cool antique scale on a wall window looking into the kitchen. I think we just missed out on the true atmosphere of Suzy's coming at a quiet time :( The way seating went, we felt you couldn't really hang for long, chatting during and a little after the meal as you could other cafes (food totally makes up for this). But we did also get served directly by the chef with a helping hand from the waiter!!


Suzy comes into her store everyday but wasn't there at the time which was kinda sad for me because she sounded like a pretty cool, worldly person! We ordered the Tempeh Burger ($12), Chilli Dog ($12) and Spoon's Big Breakfast ($18.50) and no complaints what so ever. Kudos to the menu - it was great at explaining what to expect in your order even though there were some new words to me.

The Tempeh Burger of mine really made me believe in a bright future as a vegetarian. The English muffin style bun was toasted just right on the inside, the tempeh itself had a likeable nutty flavour and the homemade mayo, caramelised onions and peanut sauce was just the creme dela creme finish to a great burger! The burger came with a skewer and it was still on the brink of toppling over but I had a ball taking it down and demolishing it with the cutlery! It was AMAZING, who needs a side of chips anyways! I managed a swipe at some of the Sunday Sausage from the Big Breakfast which so fragrant and tasty with the herbs infusion and the Smoked Chilli Sausage in the Dog still messed with my brain because it looked like the biggest, meatiest American hot dog ever (such an illusion)!


I was so full and satisfied after! The portion was big but you kinda powered through because of the mystical allure of the peanut satay sauce! I couldn't manage finishing the top bun though after removing the skewer and letting all hell loose. You also felt pretty good having eaten a product that supports Suzy's vision of cruelty free and meat free food. Bonus: tasty and not over processed!

Wow I'm still feeling good inside (plus no regrets having ordered a burger for brunch)! I'd go back for that burger anytime or maybe to try the Spoon Burger with its vegan homemade rosemary and garlic pattie!

Three Word Summary: Feel-good, innovative, original
Ambience 3.5/5
Fare $ !!
Foodwise 5/5


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