Sunday, 13 December 2015

#5 The Importance of Loving Yourself

Even as I write this—I’m doubting myself. Have I reached a designated check point to even reliably write something like this? Perhaps the question is, do I even love myself?

For now, at this particular moment, I say yes. I think learning to love yourself and give yourself time and nourishment to grow individually is so important. Not important because I’m only 18, nor is it important because everyone says it’s important. But rather, because to love yourself puts you on stable foundations for the rest of your life.

That is not to say you can’t have moments of disappointment. It is OK to not always be happy, so long as you proactively consider your situation and take measures to proceed.

Always proceed.

That brings me nicely to the next point of this musing.

There is no such thing as regret.

Consider this; you've hooked up with a particular someone you should not have even in the first place (there was alcohol involved).

Let me unpack this simply, painlessly and easily.

If you cannot change the past, whats the point in dwelling. Yes, you can formulate other actions that would/should be taken next time should you find yourself in that same predicament. But regret is so socially constructed. It demands we reprimand ourselves on things that we have done, diluting the lesson we have learnt in the process. Regret is a giant black cesspit. Don't give it your valuable time.