Thursday, 19 February 2015

Happy Lunar New Year, love sydney

You notice all the red about the city recently? No, it not in anticipation of some pagan sacrificial offering! Its the official start of the Lunar Calender, and being Asian myself isn’t the only reason I’m up for seconds in the New Years department- because who doesn’t like a good party. 
This year Sydney siders were indulged with a spectacular light display at Dawes Point, right under the Harbour Bridge. Sentient terracotta warriors stood to attention in their neon get-ups that ranged from hot pink to the most blinding yellow. The instalment attracted soo many people of a range of cultures and backgrounds last night, which gathered an aire of excitement and genuine joy that was intoxicating.

On to dessert though, we went to “Meet Fresh” which is a Taiwanese desserts place on the edge of the main strip of Chinatown. Its bustling employees and cozy-cramped interiors mirrors the food culture I associate with an Asian country which is handy in drowning out awkward silences. Nevertheless it’s a family favourite and last night it was a great way to ring in the “second new year.”