Friday, 20 February 2015

Shine bright like a Blackstar Pastry

Blackstar pastry I’ve visited before to try the frangipani tart which was delicious with its crumbly crust and sweet flowery scent but today we were on a mission far bear witness to the all-hailed Strawberry Watermelon Cake ($7.50) and finally taste this ~420 cm3 mystery and prove whether the “Best things are [indeed] the Small things”.

We walked into the cafe and had eyes for nothing else, scanning the displays for any word of “watermelon” without looking too objective. I love the outdoor seating at Blackstar, chatting while seated side by side with friends and the occasional swoon down to enjoy your cake and coffee. You’re so close to other fellow cake-lovers, acknowledging them with smiles as you eloquently scramble out to secure your seat and I guess that’s what I love about the Newtown area – the random interactions with friendly folk!

There’s fresh, juicy goodness of the watermelon layer in between the fluffy rosewater cream and sponge and the jello-ed strawberries and pistachios at the top, that is, if you are skilled enough to get all layers onto your spoon in one clean swipe!

I must say there's too much hype about it for what its worth for a moderate sweet tooth like me. But presentation looks divine, atmosphere is lazy and on point and hey, cake is everyone's cuppa tea!