Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Local MBASSY @ Ultimo // Review

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill.

If you have never been here and had the iconic red velvet hot cakes/pancakes , you cannot die happy or satisfied and enter into whatever after world you believe in.

You know how on cooking shows often feature food critics that offer nothing but hostile and blank faces as they chew and before they can even indicate whether or not it's divine or deathly, the video producer barks from his tall canvas chair, "QUE THE AD BREAK!" Well, after the ad break, they use frivolous and fancy words, strange analogies and spin antidotes like, "oh it just melts in your mouth!" Well, in actuality the pancakes did.


My vegetarian companion (bless her humanitarian intentions) ordered the pumpkin salad with beetroot, fetta, tomato and pine nuts. Which, not be overshadowed by the pancakes, was refreshing and very filling!

310 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007

AMBIANCE: 4/5 (exposed brick and piping)
COFFEE: 4/5 (great value)