Friday, 4 September 2015

JTONE Launch @ David Jones // Adventures

 David Jones sure knows how to pamper the JTONE girl with a new set of Pjs (complete with kimono), male models serving cocktails, a confectionary servery and... Dumplings! Sister goals when you choose her as your “bestie” plus one to DJs private event (try topping that Michelle).

Champagne already in hand as we ride the elevator up :P

JTONE is DJ’s new exclusive line of all things made to be comfy – undies, sleepwear and workout attire. Running around the house, sleeping and gyming has never looked better. 


No FOMO (fear of missing out) for the Vogue Night Out happenings downstairs when we finally rode the elevator up. Well what else do you think when the doors open and you see strobing pink lights, derby gals, a ceiling of pink balloons and the periodic shirtless male strutting through the crowds (second mention was necessary). We kinda felt like Kayture’s Kristina Bazan lost in all the lights and exclusiveness etc (hopefully this isn’t the last :P).

So what’s to see besides pink? OPI nail painting, tattoos and hairdressing to your right, bar straight ahead (as it should be hehe) and candy land on the left. Did I mention a photo backdrop with hanging donuts – what is life?

Next level soft serve toppings: peanut brittle, rocky road, nougat and macarons!

 So the night’s itinerary involved canapés and drinks until Montana Cox and Allison Simpson graced the room for photos and to officially allow everyone to enjoy themselves sum mo’.


Now for me to put a “cake in it” or rather a donut because the night was for photos (and snapchat) and who wants to read my banter of the night anyways! Enjoy the montage!

Disclaimer: Prepare your eyes for a whole lot of pink!MVPD xoxo 

Photobombing everywhere!


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