Thursday, 18 June 2015

I’m in love with the Coco .... whip!

Ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt move over cause I’m feeling like some soft serve!
I never knew Sandhana’s Kitchen in Enmore served this until a friend was literally fangirling to me about it. The only words I caught were “refined sugar free”, “gluten free” and “topped with superfood caramel slice”. Pretty much all the words I needed to hear before we popped in for our no-refined-sugar hit!  


I don’t know about you but the phrase “flavour bomb” pretty much wins me over (whatever it is) and it was so hard to choose which topping to grace our cocowhip! How do you choose between toppings which are organic, raw, vegan and refined sugar free! We got ours twisted with SK cacao and coconut and in typical soft serve fashion began melting before our eyes (and camera lens). Sorry Tim Tams because we opted for the Salted Caramel and Wagon Wheels Sundaes.
You can't go wrong with any choice really! The topping in all its healthy goodness can taste a little strange to begin with but goes so well with the cocowhip (wow the raspberry jam on the wagon wheels sundae)!

Sandhana's sure knows how to make you feel good after eating dessert!
This is dessert done guilt free so what are you waiting for?